Personal Introduction

Personal Introduction

What does it take to own and successfully manage a profitable storage facility in a market that is over saturated with competition? 

I recently came across a quote that seems like a good starting point in our attempts to answer this very intricate question: 

“ The secret to your success is determined by your daily agenda “ - John C Maxwell 

Let me start off with a quick introduction. 

My name is Isela, I am a mother of twin boys who are my biggest blessing and my main reason to work very hard and achieve financial success and happiness. 

After a few years doing several jobs to get me through college, I was lucky enough to find an entry level position in the self storage industry. 

This was over thirteen years ago and I have been in love with it ever since. I mean, running a successful storage facility has allowed me to sharpen my leadership, management, communication, customer service and multi-tasking skills just to name a few!

Self storage owners and operators, do you feel as lucky as I do to have found this niche where we can build successful and personally satisfying careers which allows continued professional growth?? Even more, some of you the opportunity to own and retain an asset that can be very profitable?!  

To achieve success though, we must wake up every morning and carefully think of the different internal and external forces that can affect the way we do business. From an ever-changing market, to technological advances and industry trends, I hope to be able to bring useful and important information from across the self storage industry to you - the self storage owner who is trying to compete with all these other big name companies. 

As we continue on this journey together, I will bring you advice from industry leaders and will share helpful tips to improve your day to day operations, manage your employees, improve communication, increase on-line visibility and improve your marketing strategy all in efforts to increase your revenue and profits.